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Dating Latvian Guys

Dating Latvian Guys

Taking a shower, choosing what to wear, putting on make-up, it takes time! In Latvia it is very important how you look - although it may not the most important thing, you should keep it in mind. Women spend much time and energy thinking about their appearance, maybe because in Latvia there are more women than men, so there's competition! So, I leave home with time to spare and arrive at the theatre exactly on time. At this very moment I receive a text to say that he'll be late, and I'm a bit disappointed because it's almost never the woman who arrives earlier than the man — Latvia is still a very traditional country in that sense.

Usually, both arrive just in time, or she arrives min later, because conventionally women need more time to get ready for the evening. Women spend much time and energy thinking about their appearance, because there are more women than men, so there's competition! In the first date, tradition still dominates and so it's usually the man who pays for everything.

So if you are keen to meet men for dating, a good idea would be to head outdoors. Join sports clubs or pick up hobbies which entail playing some kind of game. While ice hockey and basketball are the most popular sports in Latvia, other sports which also have a healthy fan following are cycling, tennis, rally, rugby and association football. For those who are interested in the new and quirky, there is orienteering and amateur radio direction finding which can offer you ways to bond with fans and players of these specific sports.

Even if you are not a keen player of any sports, attend the important matches in the country which will offer you ample opportunities to meet young men. A good idea would to be to head to the Arena Riga, Skonto Arena or any other popular stadium in the country where you can cheer for your favorite teams or players in the company of equally passionate sports enthusiasts.

Get to know the entrepreneurs One of the major causes of the gender imbalance in the age group in Latvia is the high rate of male suicides in the country. Experts believe that one of the major causes of the unfortunate trend is the transition to capitalism which has affected men more negatively than women. So if employed professionals have borne the brunt of the economic recession, it makes more sense to look for men who are self-employed or entrepreneurs.

While these professions are not recession-proof, at least they offer greater flexibility and more opportunities for surviving in uncertain times. Sometimes it looks so stupid that I must consider all foreigners stupid! Eagle from the South: The most common reason currently is because we advertise this project in Latvian local places, and many girls just come and register. I personally don't seek anything in a man, because I am married already, have a daughter and I'm lucky.

My goal here is a bit moderation, a bit dedication, a bit of advice and answering questions - but it would be really strange if ALL girls would come here just to look for a man! We don't advertise the website as a dating project - there is A LOT of dating projects, and as far as I know, when you as a "hunter" come to such "profiles" website, you will do just a lot of spam, sending similar content letters to hundreds of profiles hoping somebody will answer.

It is stupid, no?

Спілкування і знайомства в Latvia.

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