Single St Valentines Day

Participate in a "Secret Valentine" with your friends. Who needs a valentine when you and your girlfriends have each other? Round up your girls, draw names from a hat, and buy whomever you draw a little something. If gift-giving won't go over with your group, invite your friends over to celebrate being fabulous. Figure out what you want out of love. Even if you don't want to right now or don't believe it will ever happen, everyone, including you, can fall in love. And it usually happens when you least expect it.

So take some time to write down a few love goals. In the meantime, love the life you're living and don't live for love. Remember what can happen to those who rush love and marry before knowing themselves. This can end in one partner realizing some day that they need to "find themselves" and the relationship suffers for it. Diapers are not romantic. Endless nights without sleep are not romantic. Don't rush before you're absolutely ready to commit; enjoy this single time, now or for as long as you intend it to last.

As you're standing in the queue waiting to pay for your mundane everyday items, if you find yourself falling for the doe-eyed stuffed teddy holding a heart while wishing someone would send you one of those soppy cards, or you're salivating over the box of heart-shaped chocolates , consider treating yourself instead of beating yourself up. If that teddy is so cute you want it on your bed, give in. Or better yet, splurge on buying something you'd really like to have, like a bottle of perfume, a six-pack of European beers , a new coffee plunger, or a recent book by a favorite author.

Don't make this day about hurt and loss. Make it all about love, even when single! Do something decadent like attend a day spa all day long or go for a sightseeing flight over your city. Take along some friends if doing this alone feels weird. Set your troubles aside for a day, but don't make them worse. You'll enjoy yourself more now as well as in the future if you know you won't worry more about how to reduce expenses because you spent too much on an indulgence like a huge box of boutique chocolates, or how to lose weight fast because they were too good to stop eating.

A number of bars hold singles parties that will give you the chance to celebrate the day as an unattached person. A card or a dozen red roses can be a gesture made to say you are sorry and that you would like to reignite the passion. Kill the routine, go out and do something out of the daily norm, such as going to a nice restaurant, walking along the beach. Go to the movies, write a love letter to each other and just keep it positive and be sincere about it.

Be grateful for each other's presence in your lives and stop taking each other for granted. For many singles out there it may seem like a cruel joke: Valentine's Day is here again! Being single and unattached you do your best to ignore all the commotion and put on your best smiling face to assure everyone that you are OK. Deep inside you may be a little sad and lonely wondering when you will meet your own Valentine. Valentine's Day is all about relationships, but who says it has to be limited to only the romantic ones?

Look at this day with a positive attitude. You own your life. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want! All decisions are all yours. There are so many ways to celebrate being single this Valentine's Day. The day is all about love, and what better time to reinforce that love for yourself? Treat yourself with something you've been dreaming about. You could go on a mini retreat, a spa, pamper yourself.

7 Ways For All The Single Ladies To OWN Valentine's Day This Year