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Ambw Dating Stories

Ambw Dating Stories

He was very supportive of my high strung nature when it came to work and school, and always helped motivate me at the gym or with day-to-day challenges. And whenever we came across negative reactions towards our relationship he was the first one to defend it to anyone that had an issue. Being in an interracial relationship was like a learning experience because we got to try different parts of each others culture.

He introduced me to an entire world I never knew existed, full of music, activities, and amazing food. I even got myself a pair of custom made chopsticks, which I have mastered. As for him, he had to get used to my ridiculously loud and blunt family, all of which were fascinated with our relationship. He became obsessed with dancehall and reggae music and now has a healthy appreciation for eating sugar cane.

There was even some talk about attending Caribana. The thing that drove us insane were the constant looks and questions we would get from people. Friends would ask why we were with each other, falling back on stereotypes to support their reservations. Some would say we were too different, that he must have been short, or that I must have a major attitude. These put a serious damper on my experience dating an Asian man. There are things that only a Black man can understand about being Black and I need that in my Black life!

You value your heritage and your connection with your culture is so tight not even a TSA agent with a latex glove and a bottle of Astroglide can get through. You know your religion and interests are important so you feel like dating someone of the same background will be easy. I AM NOT WATCHING IT WITH SUBTITLES!! Since when have ANY of your damn relationships been easy?

Unfortunately, she cheated on me and my 14 year old self was overly jealous. It was an epically disastrous relationship equivalent to Satan shitting on the Hindenburg just as it fell from the sky. All of those reasons had nothing to do with our culture, it had everything to do with her infidelity and my insecurity. How could you NOT like the Red Sox and Mayonnaise as much as I do?!

We as humans can learn to adopt and learn to understand and learn how to cook the way your grandmother does. Those are things you can teach a man.

AMBW Alert: My Experience Dating An Asian Man

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