How To Flirt With A Stranger Girl On Fb

If you are very protective of your privacy, then reconsider flirting on Facebook. Find a mutual friend or two, and get together the old-fashioned way: If you're interested in somebody, don't lurk, especially after you've made "eye" contact by commenting on a post or photo. Just like if you're in a social setting, if you make eye contact, don't cross the room to say hello, but constantly steal furtive glances, you're going to gradually increase the creep factor. Instead of your interest thinking "He or she is pretty cute," they'll soon be thinking to themselves, "Why does that person keep staring at me?

If there's a comment you find interesting, or a photo that really is good, drop them a message and tell them. You don't have to gush, and you don't have to critique—you just have to be interesting enough to get a response. For guys, if you're bold, and you know the girl, try using a pickup line. Don't do this if you don't know the girl, however, because chances are she'll just ignore you: Can you make it stop?

I'm glad I did. You seem like a really interesting person. You know how Facebook is a jungle? Well, I was doing my Tarzan thing and I came across you. And now there's no real reason to move on. A penny for your thoughts? Find out more about them, and keep a sense of interest and playfulness going. It doesn't have to be a comedy routine—just let them know that you're somebody who enjoys life, and enjoys them. They'll make the connection. Facebook is a social network, after all, so it's perfectly natural for you to use your friends as something to talk about and someone to relate to.

If you're on good terms with a mutual friend, they'll be more likely to give you a chance. Talk about something funny, amazing, weird a friend did. I thought only girls screamed like that! So cool, isn't it? I guess we're lucky that the Internet is so Have you seen this one? Shades of grey, I guess you could say! Asking direct, non-suggestive questions about the person you both know will help develop an easier comfort between you two.

I shouldn't admit this but I was there when [mutual friend] was born. Not all of them, all the time: On the other hand, interesting posts or pictures are a good chance to continue to develop rapport. Keep your comments concise and appropriate. Comments that are lengthy, deep, and provocative may work for emails and conversations, but are tedious for both your special friend and for the other people following their post.

The best approach for online flirting is to keep the objective in mind: Commenting on their posts should become secondary. The area to develop is the private chat, and you should have a good sense within a couple days if there is something there to pursue. However, liking and commenting on absolutely everything she posts can make you seem clingy.

What may begin as a playful Facebook poke may lead to something more intimate. When using social media, many people take a much more formal tone, which is not the best way to flirt. Before sending a message, read it out loud and make a mental note of whether or not it sounds too formal. Being behind a screen has the potential to make anybody more bold.

Just keep in mind that being too forward or sexual with her too early, even on Facebook, can come across as desperate and creepy. Actual time frames vary depending on the girl, but communicating every other day is a good jumping-off point. Using emoticons sparingly shows her that you an adult and not a teenager that needs to put an emoticon at the end of every sentence.

Flirting with a girl on Facebook, stay calm and talk about topics that you have in common. Avoid being too forward or asking questions that are too personal at first. Good conversation openers include: Both boys and girls enjoy talking about themselves, in real life and on Facebook. Asking questions about her not only keeps the conversation going, but allows you to learn more about your crush. What did you think about it?

It is possible to learn personal information about a girl, but do it in a way that is casual. Asking personal questions too soon can come off as creepy, so keep it light by asking questions like: This lets her know that you are interested in being more than just friends. If you wait too long to compliment her while you have her attention, it might be too late next time. Good ways to throw in compliments include: If you've just met her, use a compliment along the lines of "It's great getting to know someone as interesting as you.

Something as simple as "You crack me up" is enough to let her know that you appreciate her sense of humor. Flirting on Facebook renders body language useless, which is a large part of showing someone that you are joking. If you do tease or use sarcasm, make it very clear that what you are saying is a joke by adding an emoticon or the word joke in parenthesis. Part of the thrill of meeting someone new is uncovering the mystery.

How to Talk to Girls on Facebook (Without Being Creepy)