Online Dating Marketing Strategy

Online dating sites cater for every age and income brackets. Niche online dating sites specially cater to ethnic and religious groups, today there are specific sites for every kind of single. Online dating sites use many marketing tools and techniques to attract viewers to sign-up. Choosing the best target audience is the first consideration when they make a marketing plan because each audience responds to different form of marketing. The online dating app Tinder focuses on the younger generation of daters, while eHarmony tends to market to the 35 and up group.

Popular and profitable dating sites spend millions in advertising. These companies recognize the increase in advertising budget results in higher annual growth. Online dating today is more prevalent than traditional dating. People are meeting their mates on the internet. However, online daters looking for love online, face privacy and security risk they might not expect.

Ashley Madison an online infidelity site that promise discretion and security fell victim to hackers. The attack was revealed by computer security blogger Brian Krebs. The Ashley Madison incident puts online dating on spotlight. Marketing the online dating game in the wake of the Ashley Madison hacking incident becomes a challenge. Telling viewers that their personal information is safe with the dating site is the primary marketing technique used today to convince viewers to trust their site.

This should go without saying, every online content marketer should constantly strive to create better and better content but quality standards are becoming stricter and more important than ever. According to one recent study by Moz, over 75 percent of all content produced ends up getting zero links and zero shares, a painful indication that an article has yielded almost no positive benefit for a dating brand. This is because the readers are getting pickier, and the competitive landscape is getting more crowded, and more businesses are flooding the market with weak content in a desperate attempt to get more online visibility.

If you want to survive in and beyond, your content will need to be part of that 25 percent, which means it needs to be better-researched, better-written, and more valuable to your audience. How to Use Video to Market Your Dating Site 2. Facebook and Twitter made waves in by introducing auto-playing videos in user newsfeeds, and Google is now following suit by introducing video ads in its search results.

What Is Google Rich Answers? Your content will need to anticipate and work with rich answers. Early this year, around 20 percent of all Google queries yielded some kind of rich answer result. Instead, focus on more complex and multifaceted issues. To hedge your bets, always include a one-to-two-sentence summary that answers your main question, it could increase your chances of being featured in a rich answer of your own.

Outreach and Organic Feeds for Your Content 4. Organic social media visibility is declining on all fronts, but especially on Facebook, Twitter, and other powerhouses in the social sphere.

Looking for Love Online: Marketing Lessons from the Top Online Dating Sites