Single Manned Drone

I know not all possible future users are multirotor fanatics but I am quite sure that the first people to get one of these would be them. And not letting them fly the damn thing seems like a really bad idea. The US already has problems with drone pilot shortages but I guess whereas those guys take lives, these pilots would be saving lives from the distance. A better headline for recruitment for sure. But what happens if there is no connectivity between the aircraft and the command station?

I personally would be a bit scared to let an autonomous system combined with some command center in the distance take responsibility for my safety. Sure, Google has self driving cars but doing that in 3 dimension in the air is a totally different ballgame. While Intel and other corporate giants are working on obstacle avoiding UAVs , this technology is simply not in the state where they could be trusted to fly manned aircraft in urban locations. It has a mile range and can transport 3 passengers at feet.

Ok, it is more expensive to operate probably, but the must be a hell of a lot cheaper to manufacture too. The Legal Circumstances There are countries that are more restrictive and others are less prohibitive in the use of UAVs. EHang claims that they have done more than hours of test flights near their headquarters in Guangzhou, some even with a human passenger inside.

At the same time, the countries with more developed regulation that is based on experience mostly require Visual Line of Sight VLOS for unmanned flights. But hold on for a moment. Is the EHang a manned or an unmanned aircraft? There is passenger inside. But that passenger can not control the aircraft so that does not add any level of safety during flight. Amazon also faced challenges from regulators when trying to launch delivery drones which are autonomous and unmanned.

But why, if you are not able to take control and fly it? They plan to get them certified by the authorities in China first, than the US, New Zealand and Europe. The EHang at CES AP Photo, John Locher. Time to Market According to reports, EHang plans to make AAVs or Autonomous Aerial Vehicles available later on this year. Well, this seems a bit too optimistic to my opinion as the prototype at CES was not demonstrated with any flight, even an unmanned one.

Given the regulatory, pricing and other concerns, chances are that you will not be flying this thing very soon. The corresponding Facebook page has So they do have the financing and the aspiration to bring innovative products to the market but of course the industry would have more confidence in a company that has a proven track record of rock solid UAV products before launching something like this. Humor aside, if you watch the demonstration video, you will admire the honesty of showing how prototypes crashed and the determination the team has to make AAVs a reality.

Someone built a quadcopter big enough to carry human cargo. The future is officially here, and it's kinda scary. Scary in the cool way, though. The same company that brought us the regular-sized Ghost drone has just announced the "" Personal Flying Vehicle PFV. A working prototype of the autonomous craft is being shown at CES, and we're pretty excited. If a little skeptical. Passengers will only have minimal controls: The drone's autonomous flight controls do the rest.

All you need to do is push a button -- that's if you can pry your white knuckles off the seat long enough to press them. Naturally, you have to tell it where you want to go via a smartphone app, of course , but once you do, it'll fly you there automatically. To stop you getting uncomfortable while the quad delivers you to your destination, the also comes with a few creature comforts.

There's air conditioning, a 4G data connection, storage big enough for a backpack and even a dual color reading light. We assume for reading over your business presentation as you casually hover to work. We've seen other attempts at drone-like personal flying vehicles, but those usually are more of the homebrew variety or the borderline insane.

Ehang, for its part, seems to be deadly serious about the one person, eight propellers and four arms, if you were wondering. Not only has the company created the working prototype on display at CES today, but it plans to set-up a low-altitude flight command center to monitor all the s out in the wild.

EHang 184 is a Manned UAV You Will Never Get to Fly