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Paul Rust Dating

Paul Rust Dating

He makes me laugh. I enjoy being around him. We had the wind at our back just in terms of what was happening on screen and behind the camera. I think the show requires some sort of emotional intelligence, just because so much of the show is about what goes unsaid between two people. I think that helps a lot, somebody having some emotional depth. I think that Paul is an incredibly thoughtful person who is sensitive to other people and cares deeply about other people.

You feel that sensitivity that they have to people. Gus and Mickey are fighting their feelings for one another as the second season opens. How did that affect the way you played the characters for the first couple episodes? They are intellectually recognizing that they should take it slow. It was interesting when we shot the first episode of season two: I asked for time off. They have that chemistry, and time will tell if proves to be a healthy or unhealthy thing.

The most challenging part of it—which is a very boring thing to people not in the business—is the continuity of it. When it does take place in one day, it is limiting yourself to not doing huge arcs within the episode. How awkward are you compared to your character on the show? Well, the glasses I wear on the show are the glasses I wear in real life. You get to act out your worst qualities all the time? It could have just ended as something that makes me cringe or feel bad, but at least now I can use it in the show.

I think she sensed that it was sort of too much or too fast, so she tried to make a joke out of it. Like, an ironic date. Of course, it ended horribly where we said goodbye and I left. Not circle back and try to get answers. It was just a bad move. You were actually in full prom gear? I went to a Goodwill and found a fake suit. She found a fake prom dress. We ate really bad vegan food. It definitely goes in the category of a bad date.

That makes me cringe just hearing about it. Or is it a mix of both? Writing is about being isolated and that can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Writing is like the glass of wine you have alone at night.

Paul Rust, Star of Netflix's 'Love,' Has Some Relationship Advice For You

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