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Dating Advice Forum Loveshack

Dating Advice Forum Loveshack

My husband and road rage. The other side of the story: Support and discussion for those who find themselves involved with a committed partner. Breaks and Breaking Up Viewing. Feeling stressed after break Separation and Divorce 19 Viewing. Loss of extended family. Second Chances 52 Viewing. Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it! Reconcilation how to fall in How are you coping today? Self-Improvement and Personal Well-Being 10 Viewing.

Start off with a great foundation! The place to ponder the journey towards improving yourself! Not sure whether to stay or Staying fit and physically healthy is essential! Remember, we aren't subsitutes for your physician! As always, talk to your doctor before following any suggestions or advice! Guys perception of women and This three-letter word isn't taboo here! Ask questions and give answers!

Discussions pertaining to gender roles, sexual identity formation and development: Want to believe in God but Never Trust An Addict - True Leaving someone due to abuse. General Relationship Discussion 41 Viewing. Done trying to have male The place to post any questions or comments you may have regarding LoveShack. General Relationship Discussion Everything else under the sun. Not sure where to post? This is the place! Page 1 of Moving 'heaven and earth' to be with you 1 2 somanymistakes , 14th May 7: Jealousy anduina , Yesterday Last Page Mysterio , 11th July 3: Outside perspective needed 1 2 spiderowl , 21st July 7: Learn to be happy alone 1 2 burnt , 9th July 4: Could someone want you after losing weight 1 2 pepsimax , 26th July 2: Ways to show your spouse you care wmacbride , 26th July Relationship and family issues 1 2 Smash , 21st July 9: Whats your Dream Love life Situation Mysterio , 26th July 9: Lonely as Ever Fair , 15th July 9: Past the Point of No Return 1 2 aurelius99 , 16th July Emotionally Avoidant Men and their Affairs 1 2 ClassyTaste , 22nd July 8: Your SO Decision making process Mysterio , 22nd July 6: Sorted By Thread Title Last Post Time Thread Start Time Number of Replies Number of Views Thread Starter Thread Rating.

Sort Order Ascending Descending. From The Last Day Last 2 Days Last Week Last 10 Days Last 2 Weeks Last Month Last 45 Days Last 2 Months Last 75 Days Last Days Last Year Beginning. Post a New Thread. Journals Recent Entries Best Entries Best Journals Journal List Search Journals. Community Links Members List. Referring to content in past threads? If you think a post or thread is a troll Am I posting in the right forum?

Stephanie , 8th May 2: William , 14th January 9: Squashing infatuation with husband's BF. SecretStar , 24th July How long to give her space? TunaInTheBrine , 17th July 2: MM and children 1 2 3 4 Serendipity55 , 7th February SSE , 22nd July Ren , 18th July 1: Does he think about me? Iluv2tan , 25th July 1: Struggling to find the truth 1 2 3 4 5. Scoutjr , 8th July 5: Real Life and alike Onlywhenitrains , 9th April Coming out of the affair fog Clarity is so hard to find

Just got banned from LoveShack for calling women inferior

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