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Dating Owens Illinois Glass Bottles

Dating Owens Illinois Glass Bottles

Please click here to go to my Home Page. It has the number 7 to the left of the symbol, 6 to the right, and a 3 below it. It also has an X in the middle of the jug. I was hoping you could give me some information and history about this jug. Or it might have been used for edible products such as Cola syrup, vinegar or apple cider. I was able to identify my bottle with ease. You have put a lot of work into it and I appreciate it. Look forward to using your site again as I find more cool bottles.

Anyone ever see an IP for factory code? Eric, there are examples out there that seem to make no sense, according to what information is known on the factory location and date codes. However, I would submit my guess that in some of these instances, the bottle mold might have been moved to another plant but the engravings were not all updated retooled correctly on the molds. They have a circle inside a square on the bottom. I also found 4 simalar bottles one in which is 2.

The last 4 do not have the green tint or bubbles in the glass but the shape seems to be almost indentical. See my page on that mark. They are probably medicine bottles of some sort. I have found something that looks like a rare bottle that Edwin W Fluerst patented with The bottom of the bottle has DES PAT then below that is a circle with D8 on top then below that. I believe that means it is an Owens bottle. The sides of the bottle has sort of a decorative look.

Like I said it looks like the patented bottle but then it has the additions to it. Can you give me any information about it? Wendy, in many instances, the patent illustrations or model will not be EXACTLY like the bottle s that are actually produced. Hello, I am something of a hoarder when it comes to old things including bottles and jars. I have recently came across an amber glass bottle with the logo Durables on the base rim.

The bottom shows the I within the O with a 7 to the left, a 7 to the right, and an 8 to the bottom. I would love to know what the just what I picked up. An appropriate logotype or symbol would be added to identify the glass company which produced the bottle. A letter from Toulouse to May Jones, published in Volume 5 of The Bottle Trail , was the first to identify at least in print the relationships between the Owens-Illinois mark and the numbers surrounding it.

The mark , was registered on April 1, , and the company claimed first use on April 20, Creswick To the left of the mark is a one- or twodigit number that identifies the plant that produced the bottle. Toulouse provided a table on page Table 1 that identified all the Owens-Illinois plant codes. To the right of the mark is a one- or two-digit date code, and a mold code also numerals appears below the mark.

Both archaeologists and collectors, however, have been perplexed that the single- digit date codes could reflect either the s or s. For example, a date code of 2 could indicate or In some cases, other ways of dating the container such as the presence of an Applied Color Label — a technique not perfected until could determine the decade of manufacture.

According to Toulouse, however, bottle production apparently began in , so that eliminates the question of whether a single 9 would indicate or While looking at the amber beer bases from the El Paso excavation, I noticed an interesting change in bottles marked with a zero 0. The site was the old distribution center for Grand Prize Beer, and the Grand Prize Distributing Co. Because Prohibition was not lifted until , this meant that bottles marked with a zero were probably from However, many of the bottles had a zero followed by a period.

These also had embossed stippling in the form of numerous tiny dots on the bases. All bases marked 1. As noted by Toulouse Owens-Illinois registered the script version of the mark , on September 23, , claiming first use on September 4, On beer bottles, the Duraglas mark was consistently used in conjunction with stippling. The reason for stippling is not intuitively obvious. According to the GlassPac Web page For example; I have often wondered Because there were more Owens-Illinois glass plants than any other?

Because Owens-Illinois aggressively pursued that market? Because Owens-Illinois was the first and most advanced to adopt the acl process? Or some other reason? So there are still a few unanswered questions as you can see. But for the most part the following site should answer most of your basic questions, and hopefully provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of dating Owens-Illinois bottles in general.

I hope you find this information helpful. And I am sure you will, especially if you enjoy reading the more empirical discourses as I do. What the heck does "Empirical" mean? DATING OWENS-ILLINOIS BOTTLES Answer to one of the questions above Derived from or guided by experience or experiment. Depending upon experience or observation alone. Provable or verifiable by experience or experiment. DATING OWENS-ILLINOIS BOTTLES Here is an additional question I forgot to list and have often wondered about Some do but not the majority.

Because no one thought about it? Because there was no need for it? Because it was not required? Bill Lockhart is not only an advanced researcher, he is also a bonafide "Archaeologist. DATING OWENS-ILLINOIS BOTTLES And here is an example of what is referred to in Bill's article as a "Owens Scar. DATING OWENS-ILLINOIS BOTTLES Here is an example of a Owens-Illinois amber 7up acl bottle.

Note the absence of a dot after the 5 which tells us it is a bottle. But all of the list I have seen indicate that the Portland, Oregon Owens-Illinois glass plant did not begin operation until I do not mention this to challenge anyone, nor to shed the least bit of doubt on Bill Lockhart's extensive research, but rather as another example of a long list of as yet unanswered questions.

Owens-Illinois Glass Company

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