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Single Regeneration Budget Challenge Fund

Single Regeneration Budget Challenge Fund

Although this opportunity is widely applauded by agencies irrespective of sectoral divides, it is balanced by reservations about the interaction between the different sectors. Given their different agendas, cultures and experience, needs and responsibilities, it is to be expected that partners would not speak in unison on regeneration issues, but that divisions should occur in their motivation and commitment.

Is it more properly the role of the public sector, largely under the remit of local authorities? And what of TECs? As TECs themselves pointed out, they were 'asked to be a partner, and often make a financial contribution, to bids which furthered the objectives of others' ,22 This is a crucial issue, too, in respect of the private sector. Why should the private sector provide substantial financial backing to take forward the agendas of central and local government without demonstrable benefits to themselves?

Whereas some private sector agencies, such as Chambers, get involved in regeneration projects - even patchily - individual companies are customarily more reluctant. Projects for ethnic minorities and refugees typify the types of schemes where it is jolly difficult to persuade the private sector to put up cash. Certain issues were highlighted as particularly problematic, and these merit closer attention. They include questions of 'real' partnership, resources, the 'winners and losers' scenario, and timescale problems.

Getting the composition balance of regeneration partnerships right plays a strategic role in the effectiveness of the projects concerned for, as Robson et al. The Black Training and Enterprise Group BTEG maintain that true partnership ensures that involvement occurs at every level, not only at regional board level, but also at secretariat level below it, where decisions are made.

Project Fullemploy warned that omitting the voluntary sector would result in physical regeneration at the expense of people-based regeneration. In some cases they were not properly informed; in others they were excluded until a bid plan had been worked up by the public sector partners. The temptation for lead partners in economic development to 'talk up' partnership involvement and commitment to safeguard their eligibility and enhance their chances of gaining SRB funding was all too real.

One local authority officer from the South-East, for example, stated candidly: To design a methodology with which to evaluate the process by which economic, physical and social regeneration is achieved through the activities of the Single Regeneration Budget and this means understanding how local partnerships of key players and agencies are able to initiate and maintain regeneration activities.

To undertake an evaluation of partnership programmes from the first two rounds of SRB to establish the impact and cost effectiveness of their regeneration packages - 20 case study schemes were selected. The evaluation process was to provide a coherent baseline, undertake an interim evaluation of the process of promoting and funding regeneration embracing the design, implementation and effectiveness of this process and also conduct a final evaluation of each case study.

To undertake an analysis of those bids and thus partnerships who sought funding under the first two rounds of SRB but were not successful - 10 case study schemes were selected. This part of the work sought what factors were responsible for bid failure so that the capacity of local institutions could be strengthened and in this way ensure their place in bringing about regeneration in the future. Social survey of households As part of the research described under objective 2 the work sought to provide further insight into the nature of the economic and social aspects of local area problems.

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