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Siberian Sex Toy

Siberian Sex Toy

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a hefty dildo and a power dial. I write about adult products all the time , so I recognise a serious bit of kit when I see it. Limited to the bedroom for privacy reasons, I decided that the floor would be the sturdiest place to site the unit. Which is when the earthquake apparently hit. My bed — a solid wood four-poster — leapt off the floor as the Sybian roared into life.

Not only did the floorboards shake, so did the walls. I have never heard anything as loud as this and I speak as someone who owns three Doxys. A post shared by Sybian officialsybian on Apr 14, at I ride a lot, and get on and off horses all the time, but I still found it awkward to clamber on top. This thing is weird. Though she did say that it was kinda noisy if you use it on a hardwood floor. But if you use it on the bed, you should be okay. Man this type of a stimulation must be mind blowing!

Lola These things are awesome! When he saw it he got a bit nervous thinking that our sex life would suffer. Actually it got better. I have even some trouble to believe how amazing these devices can be! I anyone gets the chance to buy one, do it! That is amazing first hand experience you shared with us! I have heard these claims as well. Sadly, I have not seen it in real action until now. Maybe I will be more lucky sooner or later.

They are very expensive but if I can see the kind of action that they give in the tube videos, I could see investing in it. They really do as far as I am concerned! Thousands of Satisfied Users Meet the World Famous Sybian! Money Back Guarantee SUMMER SALE IS UNDER WAY! The World Famous Sybian Now Available at Its Lowest Price Ever! Act Now, Limited Time Only! Our offices will be closed in honor of Labor Day Monday, September 4.

Orders placed over the weekend will be processed and shipped on September 5. FUN Sybian is amazing from beginning to climax! Whether alone or with a partner, the Sybian is fun, fulfilling, and offers an experience that no other sexual device can match. POWERFUL Sybian was the first product ever to include two independently controllable motors, one to vibrate and one to rotate.


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