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Infinite Hoya Dating

Infinite Hoya Dating

He added that having a girlfriend is not yet his priority and he is still contented with the love his fans give him. The rumors sparked when the two were caught shopping for groceries. Doyeong also confirmed their relationship on a television interview. On the interview, Doyeoung was hailed as the Chocolate Girl because she claimed to be eating only chocolate for the past six years. Further, Woollim Entertainment confirmed the dating speculation.

However, after the publicized relationship scandal, it seemed that the relationship did not work well and L said the relationship was part of his past wherein he needs to work on. On a lighter note, L admitted that his ideal type is Suzy since she has a long wavy hair and an innocent behavior. Another single member of Infinite is Hoya. In an interview, Hoya said that they are still very busy to have a girlfriend. Though they think of dating someone, they never had the luxury of time for any romantic gestures.

As a sign of having good manners, they want their CEO to have a girlfriend first. Even if Hoya is not in a relationship, he is looking forward to have a girlfriend who skinny and sexy. And not only that, he added that his future girl should be respectful, unconventional, knowledgeable and multilingual. Though considered as the black sheep of the group, Sunnjong admitted that even if he is not in a relationship, he likes funny girls like Kim Shin Young and Kyung Lim.

There is something about them that makes his heart skip a bit. He also added that girls that are pretty and cute could also be his ideal woman. Even though he admitted his ideal woman, he kept his personal life private and has never talked about his past and romantic relationship. Talk about a bunch of busybees! SUNGJONG ONLY The cartoon prince of INFINITE showcased something uniquely special to him — his new image concept!

SungJong appeared with a new bleach hairdo that literally fits the image of a manga prince. He explained that he had bleached his hair 8 times and lost 10 kg for their comeback! Talk about a drastic change. The idol expressed that he hopes the fans will love his new look as he kept them informed about his change through various stages on SNS. Only SungJong can undergo such change and still come out looking fabulous as ever! The idol has such an infectious laugh that resounds throughout the room.

From beginning to end, he was laughing at every moment, continually brightening up the atmosphere. How can someone with such a manly laugh make you feel so warm inside? BLACK ONLY The boys were dressed in all black, but the only thing uniform about their outfit concept was the color. Mostly, the boys felt that their bodies had changed. They realized that they ran out of breath much faster than their debut era, so they would immediately go run on the treadmill some more to hike up their endurance.

L ONLY L has that pretty boy turned man visual going for him, but what captured our hearts the most was his deep sultry voice. When he picked up that mic and spoke, we were just floored. How could someone with such a delicate face have such a sexy voice? Can he be any more universally ideal type? HONESTY ONLY During the interivwe, the INFINITE boy opened up honestly for the audience.

One honest point that they mentioned was the fact that the boys would love to have more say in their choice of music. Hoya had actually co-composed a track with their producer, Razer of Rphabet. But in order to get the unbiased opinion of their CEO, he had hid his contribution until it was confirmed that the track would be put onto the album.

FANS ONLY The INFINITE love for their Inspirits was a beautiful sight, indeed. The boys were asked what their 1st Place Promise would be, should they win 1st place at a music show. The boys honestly stated that they have yet to decide on one specifically, but they have some ideas in mind. First, SungYeol suggested sky diving as a group, while showcasing a typhoon like visual. Immediately, the other members shut down the idol by suggesting that he do that by himself.

No, no for the 6 INFINITEs. SungJong suggested taking out a small group of fans out for a dinner date. HoYa also pitched in the idea of taking the fans who came to the show that they place 1st place in. I guess Inspirits will be busy visiting every music show that the boys feature in for the next few weeks! SUNGYEOL ONLY Who knew that SungYeol could be so hilarious? Our idol was seriously funny as he would often daze out, but come right back to hit us with an out-of-this-world punchline.

Not only was SungYeol absolutely witty during the showcase, but his soft charisma was something that captivated our heart, mind and soul! Only SungYeol can have this magical aura to himself.

Infinite hoya dating rumors

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