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Single Rainbowloom

Single Rainbowloom

On the next step I'll explain how to finish looping once you get to the other end of the loom. Finish Looping and Start Securing Show All Items Once you make it to the other end of the loom, it will look like the photo above. Pull off the end loop mine is orange and loop a c-clip onto the band. Make sure both sides of the band go into the c-clip. Pull the Band Off and Finish It Once the c-clip is making sure the end farthest from you is secure, you can start pulling the bracelet off the loom.

Do this by pulling up and towards yourself. When you get to the end, you'll have one bigger rubber band loop mine is green - pop that big loop into the same c-clip you used to secure the other end. Taking It Off Show All Items Take another same color band and place it on your hook and pull it through all the bands at the top. Take the half of the band and place it on the hook. Put your bands on the thicker part of the hook and CAREFULLY pull off your bracelet be gentle so you don't snap Any bands.

Extension Show All Items It's probably not long enough for you, so you are going to take some more bands and loop them through the bands on your hook. Do that until it is long enough for your wrist. You are now finished your bracelet! Check out my other bracelets. Request any other rainbow loom bracelets. You can also use a metal fork. Instead of using two fingers, wrap the rubber bands around two tines of the fork.

Do not twist this band into a figure-eight. Instead, make a single loop over your middle and index fingers. Do the same with the other side. You just need to loop a new band onto your index and middle finger—above the previous band—then pull the previous band over the new band, your index fingertip, and your middle fingertip. Be sure to refer to your color order so that you don't make any mistakes.

Hold a string tight around your wrist as tight as you want the bracelet to fit and then measure the length of the string. Your bracelet is done when it's as long as the string. If you are making a bracelet for someone else, think about how their wrist size compares to yours. If they have bigger wrists, make the bracelet slightly longer than you would for yourself. If they have smaller wrists, make the bracelet slightly shorter.

Make sure that there is a band still looped on your middle and index finger. Attach the C-clip or S-clip to the end to hold the band together. You can wear this bracelet, give it to a friend, or use it as a decoration. Try making a few bracelets that complement each other.

Rainbow Loom Triple Single

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