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Tinder Dating Windows Phone

Tinder Dating Windows Phone

Doch auch wer ein Windows Phone nutzt, muss auf die Flirt-App nicht verzichten. Den Download der Gratis-App startet ihr im Windows Store an dieser Stelle. Timber wird dann kostenlos auf euer Windows Phone heruntergeladen und installiert. Der inoffizielle Client Timber bietet euch einen Teil der Funktionen kostenlos. Welche das sind und wie ihr diese freischaltet, erfahrt ihr in der nachfolgenden Bildergalerie. Mit einem Tinder Plus-Abo wird die Werbung in der Flirt-App ausgeblendet, was aktuell jedoch noch kein Vorteil ist.

Im inoffiziellen Timber-Client wird die Reklame immer angezeigt und kann nicht abgeschaltet werden. Ein weiterer Unterschied ist die Sprachwahl. It is necessary that you must be active so that your profile will be seen by more. It allows you to create pick-up lines and save photos of your contacts on your phone. Download 6tin to enjoy dating. This is another Tinder client app available for phones, tablets and desktop with Windows OS.

It is a premium client of Tinder app that serves you with online dating. Works in sync with Facebook and suggest you with people nearby. Choose your location manually. Block contacts and more like Tinder app with Timber now. This is an alternative of Tinder for Windows phone. It includes all the Tinder features. It has enabled with some more extra features when compared with Tinder. It includes seeing photo all at once, like everyone with Like All button and Like Selected button select people of your favourite.

Set location manually and search for people using Filter option so that you can organise and like people quickly to become the match. It is mentioned that Tinder is not available for Windows Phone and any windows user could download the client application to enjoy all the salient features of Tinder app. Click on the link below to download Tinder app for other platforms from here. Tinder client applications screenshots were shown since there is no official version of Tinder app is made available for Windows phone.

Hope the information provided about Tinder for Windows Phone is useful to you. Feel free to comment us for any queries related to Tinder for Windows Phone. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Designed by Tinder For PC App Powered by Tinder Apk. Tinder For PC Tinder For Mac Tinder Apk Tinder For iPad Tinder For Windows Phone Tinder For iOS Navigation. Tinder For Windows Phone.

Free Windows 10 Dating Apps. If 6tin is removed from the app store, it keeps working? I mean, if the app is installed manually after being pulled from the store, it works? I assume even this app will not work without a Facebook account, right? Therefore I dislike Tindr. I wish they would use a different login method.

Tinder is only available on iOS and Android right now. I Will never understand these business models 'facebook login only' It also cuts down on people making fake profiles the pictures are drawn from the Facebook users profile pictures. It also adds legitimacy as it tells you how many friends you have in common etc. I personally think it's a very good system, and a very good platform. I have only come across one fake account.

Have had plenty of good dates out of this app when I've been on my travels. Just a shame that Tinder want to prevent Windows Phone users from having the app. Well, and now not only Tinder knows about your dates, but Facebook also. With all the details. Fake profiles are an issue, admittedly, but there are other ways to tackle that. It's a general problem all Internet services have, not only Tinder. Tinder's developer team or Ceo was so stupid to cancel the official app sorry to say this but they are a bunch of idiots not exploring new markets and our Rudy should be protected by MS developer protection program: D because he is our only top tire developer.

I wonder this about every remaining major app not available for WP8. Wouldn't be surprsed if Google is pulling the strings. Purely because I wouldn't use Tindr or 6Tin I just thought I'd mention the same has happened with Grindr How long it'll be available I'm not sure but the official Grindr page has been saying windows phone app in development for over 2 years now So for fed up of waiting!!

Unofficial Tinder dating app released again for Windows Phone as talks fail for an official one

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